Vulnerability Assessment

In a world dominated by rapid change, we understand the urgency of properly protected and the importance of managing all aspects of your IT infrastructure. That's why our team carries out an evaluation of identifying vulnerabilities, interdependencies and cascading effects of a potential threat to the system. Our intention is to provide an overview of the vulnerability assessment process from discovery to baseline standardization, need for vulnerability assessments and offer some assistance to those who want to perform a vulnerability assessment but do not know where to start.


  1. Performing a stress test on your site to check the basic issues.
  2. Vulnerabilities and flaws in code that could allow attackers to access your system.
  3. External server problem platform audit to find your site’s vulnerabilities.
  4. Vulnerabilities of web applications will be documented and a report provided.
  5. Corrective actions and ways to mitigate the threat will be informed and included in the report.

Black Box vulnerability testing

To avoid data loss, companies should regularly check that they are not exposed to security vulnerabilities that can compromise sensitive data. The safety checks of vulnerabilities scan identify each exploits or vulnerabilities present in the network, operating systems, Web applications or Web server systems. External vulnerabilities scan helps to detect the threats of your organization over the external network, but also helps to manage vulnerability risks.

In the process, if all vulnerabilities should be discovered, our team will manually check for "false positives" and excludes them and just focus on the real threats. Moreover, the vulnerabilities are classified based on type and severity in order to prioritize the remediation of the system and the strengthening of your company's risk management.

White Box vulnerability testing

Companies are working at a rapid pace to ensure that they are risk free every day. Once you know, you can never be too safe, especially in information security world; the next steps are prioritizing the most critical security vulnerabilities and resolve them quickly. Scans for assessing the security vulnerabilities that can define all exploits or weaknesses on the network, operating system, applications and web servers. The choice of internal vulnerability scans, you choose to display an overview of the business activities and threats on them. And once you got any issue our team can help you further with any questions or concerns about the vulnerability of risk management.

To protect your computing environment, Secure Application provides a complete analysis of your home networks and systems on their configuration accordingly, no problem of security and compliance. We offer a holistic solution to detect vulnerabilities in collaboration with control experts, together provides sanitation support and management system for the prevention.