Web Application

Web application must be available full time data access by the customers. When the Hacker accesses the web application they directly reach the confidential data. Weakness in the web application is the bug in the application or some web application interface user data as visible to others. Web-applications should be protected against various malware attacks. Web application is most important today world.

Our Application Testing is to test your security testing and it provides complete view of the risk in the web application. Ausec may provide the manual testing and proceed in-depth process of the web application. Based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) identify the vulnerabilities and make solution. While performing the application security scan for all the bugs in it. The approach of the application security is

Method used in web application penetration testing

Black-box Testing: The testing is done without the knowledge of the application. The process involves the attack without the access to the source code.

Gray-box Testing: The limited knowledge on the application. Attack with the limited access to application or with the use of user credentials.

The Benefits of these methods to identify the design flaws and improve application security at development level. If unauthorized access may be provide by the client software. User confidence in application security is increased and prevents application downtime.

White Box vulnerability testing

Companies are working at a rapid pace to ensure that they are risk free every day. Once you know, you can never be too safe, especially in information security world; the next steps are prioritizing the most critical security vulnerabilities and resolve them quickly. Scans for assessing the security vulnerabilities that can define all exploits or weaknesses on the network, operating system, applications and web servers. The choice of internal vulnerability scans, you choose to display an overview of the business activities and threats on them. And once you got any issue our team can help you further with any questions or concerns about the vulnerability of risk management.

To protect your computing environment, Secure Application provides a complete analysis of your home networks and systems on their configuration accordingly, no problem of security and compliance. We offer a holistic solution to detect vulnerabilities in collaboration with control experts, together provides sanitation support and management system for the prevention.