Corporate Training

To stabilize the day to day complexity we need to be aware at all domains even it is not so important. As Technical persons we have to collate different technical domain knowledge. Many organizations address this by continuing education and training to close skill gaps.

Ausec helps organizations in skill gap analysis services by identifying the skills needed to effectively perform necessary business responsibilities and those possessed by current team and fills it by corporate training.

Our competency-based training bridges the gap towards building skilled and productive workforce to meet the challenges of global business competitions by corporate. We work with your team members to build road maps so that the organization will be where it wants to be tomorrow.

This system allows the team members to set professional development goals. When competencies are defined, training can be conducted to support performance at different levels – from entry-level to senior management. And, the level of competence required for performance can be accomplished. Competency-based training helps the organization to prioritize training to achieve great results.

Why AUSEC for your Corporate Training

  • Certified Trainers with many years of Infosec and training experience.
  • Customized Syllabus for your needs.
  • Practical Training with numerous case studies from industry.
  • Post Training Support.
  • Ability to train any technology within short notice.
  • Competent pricing – best in the industry.

Modes of Training

  • Super Fast Track (Workshop) – For Experienced IT Professionals.
  • Fast Track (Boot-Camp) – For those with Intermediate Experience.
  • Regular Track (Long Term Certifications) – For Beginners.


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