Incident Response

All organization needs the full digital forensic investigation and the security incidents to stop the cyber attack and also find the security incidents root case. The law enforcement agencies may take steps or convict cyber criminals, so the organizations need to collect the evidence for the investigation to prove to regulators and isolation the attack source. Expert Digital Forensic Consultants must take charge of transporting evidence and storing according to strict regulatory and legal guidelines and admissible in court. Most of the organizations don’t have the time, resources or expertise to conduct a thorough digital forensic investigation. Well-equipped and well-knowledge in digital forensics team to product the Organization.

A security incident has the ability to stall business and mar the reputation of the victimized organization. Prompt and appropriate response to an incident helps

  1. Limit the spread of incident
  2. Understand the nature of the incident
  3. Avoid the intruder/attacker from alerting
  4. Gather first-hand evidence
  5. Strategize successive steps to be taken

Ausec response team bring an incident under control in possible and shortest time and to trace the evict without hampering routine activities.

Our forensics lab includes hardware write blockers, Encase Forensics Edition, file recovery tools, secured archival of digital artifacts, and fast keyword search utilities. Ausec forensics experts have extensive experience in a diverse set of situations and incidents.

The steps in our incident response and forensics strategy are:

  1. Initial response.
  2. Pre-incident preparation – determine type and extent of incident as much as possible.
  3. Onsite strategy formulation.
  4. Forensic duplication (imaging).
  5. Forensic analysis.
  6. Recovery
  7. Archival

Fraud investigation:

Most of the unsavory aspects of globalization and a growing economy is the aspect of white-collar crime. There is a potential for a financial fraud to be carried out. Even a knowledgeable outside with a strong enough motive and opportunity can attempt to defraud the company.

Information Security Consulting