Security Audit

Most of the companies and people think that they are fully by its standard programs and bases. However, statistics show that more than 70% of sites are break. How can it be,when it is completely protected? World is a constantly changing, resulting in a new design and technology every day.

Technology, if it is effective, often exposed irregularities due to the lack of complete understanding or skip over certain elements.

Our most important resource is people. We employ only the "best" security engineers and are equipped with the best tools and a proven methodology. Then we apply a more individual human effort to find potential weaknesses.

Whatever may be your requirements and problems, our team will be there to assist you every step of your way, from start to finish for developing a security management program. If you come across a problem and needs someone to give you a support to secure the business, you've come to the right place. Indeed, if you are unsure of the problem and the need someone to fix this problem, our team will help you every step of your way. Indeed, our consulting services are not limited by time or space.

A computer security audit is both a manual or systematic measurable technical assessment of a system or application. Manual assessments include interviewing staff, performing security vulnerability scans, reviewing application and operating system access controls, and analyzing physical access to the systems. Automated assessments or Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques include system generated audit reports or using software to monitor and report changes to files and settings on a system. Systems can include personal computers, servers, mainframes, network routers, switches.

Companies are working at a rapid pace to ensure that they are risk free every day. Once you know, you can never be too safe, especially in information security world; the next steps are prioritizing the most critical security vulnerabilities and resolve them quickly. Scans for assessing the security vulnerabilities that can define all exploits or weaknesses on the network, operating system, applications and web servers. The choice of internal vulnerability scans, you choose to display an overview of the business activities and threats on them. And once you got any issue our team can help you further with any questions or concerns about the vulnerability of risk management.

To protect your computing environment, Secure Application provides a complete analysis of your home networks and systems on their configuration accordingly, no problem of security and compliance. We offer a holistic solution to detect vulnerabilities in collaboration with control experts, together provides sanitation support and management system for the prevention.