Network Security

IP networking, Vulnerability assessment, Security policy development, remote access, encryption, firewalls are design audit and implement the information security solutions by our Ausec team. Hackers are adapting their techniques, Each and every organizations needs are different and so we are extremely serious about staying up to date with the latest network security tools, threats and industry developments.

Ausec team brings a blend of technical aptitude, broad and real-world experience and also knowledge to every project. Our team has helps to protect your network infrastructure from internal and external threats. Network security policies and controls are assess by the security experts using the customized approach and proven methodologies.

Ausec team has secured number of organizations also the government agencies and small business too. By defending their resources from external and internal threats Ausec use the best way for customers to reduce security threats and to develop a comprehensive security policy.

Ausec Network Security types of secured policy and assessment:

  1. Firewall policy assessment.
  2. PCI Remediation.
  3. Technology evaluation and selection.
  4. Security Architecture.
  5. VOIP Infrastructure security review.

Information Security Consulting