PCI Scanning Security

For successful competitive of PCI audit, PCIDSS requires that organization shows last four quarter scans successfully passed. However the process is not as easy as it sounds!.

It requires their understanding of a level posture of all systems and a formal risk management to forecast vulnerability. As PCI stipulates ASV, (Authorized Scanning Vendor) there are automated scans which implies results are not disrected to understand completely.

Ausec’s custommed namical scan services offers a chance for organization to firmware full external fast port, amlizipate vulnerabilities so that organization can fix issues before ASV scan occurs thereby speeding up their requality compliance process

At a Glance:

  1. Completely team determine excersive rather then automates.
  2. Identify vulnerabilities and offer named.
  3. Insights on how any change to network / system affectly security and compliance.