Penetration Testing

Ausec provides wide range of Penetration testing and IT Security Assessment. Our security experts perform real-world attack mirroring to test protection and uncover actual risk from the overview of the motivated attacker. The best way to burglar will actually approach your network is to perform an attack. Our Penetration Testing team reports network, application, wireless, and the social engineering security level of our organization.

Number of security issues to presents logical groping and the post-assessment analysis to causes the finding. Ausec provides risk less organization from the attacker.

Types of Penetration Testing Services

  • Internal and External network penetration testing
  • Web and mobile application penetration testing
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Social engineering security testing

The penetration Testing and Security Assessment Services in Ausec gives Standard Web applications like antivirus, system applications, embedded applications, and also the other system applications.

If you would like more information on our pen testing services you can read through our testing pages on the right, if you would prefer to speak to somebody you can contact as directly via our contact page.