Risk Management

IT organizations face a tremendous range of risks. The risks are created by vulnerabilities with in-house systems, natural disasters and cybercriminals. Ausec’s has manage, identify, assess and monitor business opportunities and the associated risks in an integrated and transparent way.

The computer systems and electronic data has grown, information security risk has joined the array of risks that governments and businesses must manage regardless of the types of risk being considered.

  1. Estimating the likelihood that such threats will materialize based on historical information and judgment of knowledgeable individuals.
  2. Identifying cost-effective actions to mitigate or reduce the risk. These actions can include implementing new organizational policies and procedures as well as technical or physical controls.

Organizations can implement a risk management framework to ensure that strategic reporting and compliance objectives are outlined, but few have sufficient resources available to effectively implement and manage a plan, and mitigate risks after they have been identified.

Ausec Network Security types of secured policy and assessment:

  1. Firewall policy assessment.
  2. PCI Remediation.
  3. Technology evaluation and selection.
  4. Security Architecture.
  5. VOIP Infrastructure security review.

Information Security Consulting